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Book Your Guildford Photo Walk

Book Your Photo Walk & Improve Your Creativity!

Choose a 1 or 2-hour photo walk with me. You'll need to have attended a workshop or 1-1/1-2 session and be confident about shooting in either aperture priority or manual mode.

(Paypal account not necessary.)

Choose a 1 or 2-Hour Photo Walk

Once you've mastered your camera's main controls, learning to "see the picture" is the next big challenge.

  • How do you use the light to your advantage?
  • What viewpoint is best?
  • Where should you focus to give your photo meaning?
  • Is it better to shoot close up or wide?
  • How do you frame your picture to create the most impact?
  • Why does one picture look good, and the other not so good?

These are all things we can explore in more depth on a photo walk, discovering what works, what doesn't and why. Shooting with me by your side, you'll be able to ask questions and get instant feedback on your images and how to improve them.

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