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Read Reviews from Happy Clients. What People Have Said About My Photography Workshops


"I cannot say THANK YOU enough!!! This has revolutionised what I feel I can do with my camera. I finally feel like it's mine!! Eureka! Brilliant. So clear and easy to understand. Great examples."
"I feel I have learnt so much (I'm unable to even quantify it). Anna has been such a wonderful teacher, supportive of learning and very responsive. I have really loved my day. Fantastic material and practical session. Very informative, personal and just a wonderful session."
"I feel as if I have gone from knowing absolutely nothing about how my camera works to knowing a huge amount. Really enjoyed it."
"I just wanted to thank you again for your terrific course on Saturday. I enjoyed it so much and got exactly what I came for: the confidence that comes from understanding how good photos are taken. You demystified the core concepts that had been holding me back for so long. Early days but I know photography will free me up as a writer and be a great creative outlet. Thanks again and keep me on the newsletter."


"Brilliant intro to manual settings and the basics of how the camera actually works and deals with light etc. Nice speed, lots of examples which help illustrate the different effects. Useful to be able to practice outside as well."
"I have learned loads!! From the very first 5 minutes right the way through. I feel I can now put proper thought into every photo. Excellent. Worked perfectly for us. We are impatient but want to learn and the pace, content and approach worked really well. Thank you."
"I have moved from zero to having a clear understanding of cause and effect. Very comfortable venue and easy access to places to photograph"
"Dear Anna, thank you so much for today's session. I have learnt a great deal - the fog has lifted! You have made everything so very much clearer than it had been before 10am this morning! I had a spring in my step as I walked to the car park. Thank you again."
"An amazing workshop. Thank you so much. Clear, precise and excellent. A fantastic and inspiring teacher. I would love to attend another workshop. You are an amazing teacher."
"A very belated thank you for a fantastic morning last week. I was even able to explain everything to my husband and he understood! Just had my first solo foray into the butterfly house at Wisley and shocked my children with the results (only used manual mode as well!). 
"I just wanted to say a big thank you for the workshop. I really enjoyed it. It wasn't too overwhelming and I can't wait to get out there to practise what we learnt.  I like the idea that you can be more creative using the manual setting... so no more automatic setting for me! Very professional presentation. It was exactly what I needed. Thank you!"
"I feel I now know the key areas to actually invest in my photos by finally having control - it's inspired me to invest further in my photography. Really easy to absorb, good pace and great quality. A really helpful mix of practice and theory - the technical side of the camera as well as composition."
"I feel as though I've learnt a lot more today that I would ever get from reading a book. Really good quality material, all taught in a friendly but professional manner, and really helpful to go outside and get some practical experience, even in the snow! The location was really easy to find - a lovely relaxed setting to learn in."
"We covered so much, I really feel I know how to use my camera to its full use. Amazing." 
" Excellent. A lovely setting, very relaxed teaching. Very patient! A thoroughly enjoyable morning! 10/10. I feel I have learned an enormous amount today in terms of understanding how cameras work and what we are looking to achieve when taking a photo. Thank you! Feeling excited about practising."
"Really enjoyed it. A good introduction into photography. Very good, useful notes, nice mixture of teaching and practice. Lovely to walk around the town."
"I feel I can now go away and start to take better pics! Very easy to take in, not rushed. I shall be telling my friends about your workshop. Thank you!"
"Have learned loads. Just looked at yesterday's iPhone photos compared to today's! Very interesting thinking about the light."
"I have learned a great deal more than I could have imagined!"
"I have learnt lots! Everything I've learnt has been new, so thank you!"
"I have learned so much!! Total lightbulb moment. Thank you."
"I have learned far more than I thought I would and more importantly learned how to practice. Very professional. Delivered in focused blocks, Pitched perfectly."
"It has made a huge difference to me. Very good - exceptional preparation for my 1-1 session." 
"I thought the quality was very high and it was taught in an engaging way. I feel I've learned the basics to be able to experiment with the camera and take some better quality photographs, and can build on the techniques I've learned through practise."
"Very good step by step instruction. I learnt an enormous amount. It will change the way I take photos - no automatic settings from now on! Thank you!"
"Excellent! Taught brilliantly! And I now understand - just need to practise now. Thank you Anna."
"Excellent. Using manual is so mind blowing. I did not know my camera."
"Just to say thank you, and what an enjoyable and useful course you deliver. I came away feeling delighted that it wasn't at all complicated to start getting creative with my camera. I now have it in the boot of my car,  just in case I am inspired when I am out. I am really looking forward to decent weather and decent photos! Thanks again."
"Excellent quality of material taught in a way which was easy to grasp and understand. Anna made sure I was showing signs of understanding before moving on. I feel I have really understood the basics and more that will definitely help me create higher quality, more interesting pictures."
"I've learned so much, I'm now really excited about getting out there and taking some pictures! Initially I just wanted to take nicer snaps of my kids, and now I can't wait to get creative and make beautiful images. Anna has a lovely teaching style; it's thorough without being overwhelming, technical without using jargon. I will definitely use the materials for reference in the future too. Really friendly staff, lovely coffee and pastries."
"Thanks so much for today. Thoroughly enjoyed it and looking forward to practising! I have learnt all the basics and feel far more confident. Good quality material and taught in a practical way - easily understood."
"I have learned everything I needed to start getting out there and practising. A bit of info followed by a practise session and finishing with something easier was a great way to set out the day. Easy parking next door and a nice private room."
"I have learned absolutely everything about how to use my camera that I think I will need. Av, Tv, M previously meant nothing to me. Excellent, friendly, reassuring way of teaching; lots of opportunities to ask questions. Great location."
"I can already feel the quality of my shots will improve. I have gained a much better understanding of how using the camera in manual will help me achieve the results I want. All pitched perfectly for my own learning speed and the material used met all requirements."
"I have learned a lot! It's given me a brilliant idea of what to practice from now and what will help me take better photos."
"So much easier to understand than other courses I have been on in the past. I had many lightbulb moments."
"I have learnt a lot! As a beginner to DSLR photography it was exactly what I needed. Now will go out to practise.  Excellent quality!"
"I have learnt masses and now have a much better understanding of my camera and how to use it. Perfect level of teaching - not too technical but enough to understand why and how to use the different functions."
"Very comprehensive and put over in a way that made it easy to understand. Feel confident to get out of Automatic. An enjoyable morning."
"I've learned an amazing amount. Feel much more comfortable with my camera and have confidence to change settings knowing why I am doing it. Brilliant!"
"I have learned a great deal, and am really looking forward to getting out for some practice. Anna was extremely good - I felt she was helpful to each individual."
"Everything was explained clearly and in a way I could understand. I felt very comfortable and not at all worried to ask questions. I feel I have learnt a lot and now feel confident in taking my camera off automatic mode!"
"It has opened my eyes to the possibilities of using my camera to its full potential. The lesson was well scheduled, interactive and I found Anna to be extremely helpful with great people skills, and able to listen and explain the detail of all subjects. A good location with helpful staff."
"Thank you so so much. It was such a fabulous session & I learnt some absolutely vital things that will make a ten fold difference with my photos. Thank you for a really lovely day."
"I have learnt SO much. Excellent. I came with no knowledge and came away with lots of knowledge."
"We have covered such a lot - can't believe how much I have learnt in only 3 1/2 hours. Feel so much more confident to go out and experiment. Really well thought out and presented. Anna was really hands-on and gave really helpful tips, both to the group and individuals."
"Great! The slideshow was really good and the notes useful. I have learned a lot! No  more auto settings! I'm sure I will be able to take some nice pictures of my family and landscapes."
"Spot on. Easy to understand, the right amount of theory and good balance of practical, theory and examples. Simple but effective. Really well run and professional though informal - perfect for what I'm looking for. I'm not so intimidated now or scared of using the settings. Great facilities, good tea/coffee, lovely pastries."
"I knew nothing about my camera before this course and always used Auto. Now I feel a lot more confident using it and can now alter the exposure and the focus. I think my photos will look more advanced now. Anna made sure we all knew everything before we moved on, and taught in a way that was easy to follow. The material helped us understand and I liked the picture examples.  The refreshments were delicious and the venue was comfortable. I thought the room was well set out."
"I now have a much clearer understanding of the basics. You simplified it very well which is exactly what I was looking for! I no longer fear going manual! Very good to have the examples with the ISO/aperture/exposure settings - it gives you something to relate the theory back to! Good location - love the teabags!"
"I have learnt a huge amount of info that I can take forwards and practise, and achieve what I set out to achieve. Excellent, and well tailored to the individual."


"I have learnt an amazing amount and I now feel more confident to play around with my camera. Excellent - very well organised."
"I have gained a huge amount of knowledge on the settings and technical side of photography. The quality was very good and having the 1-1 session really helped with the understanding of the process."
"I have learned so much. The course has inspired me to practise and really use my camera. Patient and concise tuition."
"Excellent! I feel confident now to experiment!"
"Very happy with the material and was very happy with the practical session at Guildford Castle to practice what we were just taught. I have learnt a lot about ISO, aperture and shutter speed that helps take better professional photos. The lessons learnt will make taking photos more creative."

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"I have learned a massive amount! Brilliant - a good mix of indoor and outdoor practice."
"Well delivered and easy to understand. Learning the various different functions of the camera and what they do was very helpful."
"I have learned a great deal that hopefully will improve the quality of my photographs. Good variety of material and clear instruction."
"Massive improvement. Have learned a great deal. Very high quality material, to the extent that I am able to easily comprehend and remember. Excellent venue, great service and refreshments."
"A complete eye-opener. I will need to review, practise and digest. Most aspects were new to me. Excellent."
"I have learnt an incredible amount - feeling inspired never to use Auto again. Wonderful, all of it. I have really enjoyed the morning."
"I have learnt all the basics that I need to  know to get me excited about taking photos. The material was taught in a simple and easy to understand way so that even a complete novice like myself could understand. I even learnt things from other people attending. Lovely venue, friendly staff, good refreshments."
"Very good. Need plenty of practice to put it into effect. Looking forward to the printed notes."
"I have learnt so much! I will understand so many more of the symbols and what they actually mean and how they affect the finished piece. It was all very understandable and put across in a language that I could understand."
"I now have a much better idea about how to use the manual settings on my camera. I need to practise, but everything was explained in a clear and practical way. Good materials, and helpful to have the course notes to refer to afterwards."
"5 star. Easy to understand. The right pace. Good balance of presenting/answering questions. Excellent pastries and coffee too!"
"Knowing things that seem simple, like how to let more light in in an indoor situation, helped enormously. Having a go and being able to ask about the shots I'd taken really helped too. Excellent. You're really calm and don't use the dreaded "no stupid questions" phrase, which allowed an ease to the class. It was a fabulous morning - thank you."
"Very good. Very relevant to complete beginners, who were handled with patience! Clearly explained."
"Well, what can I say? You've (almost) restored my faith in digital cameras. Your workshop was very valuable to me and I learned a great deal which will be very helpful in the future. You've got such a natural and friendly way of getting information across; I'd certainly be interested in attending more of your workshops, or on a one-to-one basis."
"It has been really rewarding. Can't thank you enough. Excellent, really good step-by-step approach and not too fast."
"I know so much more about my camera! Not scared of it anymore. Very clear and concise, and no jargon."
"I have learned a lot. From knowing nothing about my camera, I feel much more confident to start using the different functions. The course was simple and easy to follow, and very  informative at the same time."
"Brilliant. I learned a great deal today and will now be able to use the manual setting."
"Within 3 hours I have moved from automatic, through semi-automatic and am now able to take pictures in manual. What more can be said!"
"I have learned a lot more than I expected and cannot wait to try out what I have learned. Very good and professional. Helpful, fun and interesting."
"I feel that I have learned a lot today. It has definitely made me feel much more confident about using a camera on manual, not just Auto. It was taught very clearly and at the right pace for me to fully understand everything."
"Good steady pace and well reinforced when I asked questions. Inspiring to view and talk about composition. I just want to spend my days doing this!"
"Camera terminology and jargon a lot clearer now. Understanding these things means I now know what to adjust and edit to take/make great pictures."
"Thanks for my 1-1, I really enjoyed our morning. Very good quality of material, taught in a way I could understand - excellent. Very comfortable venue and excellent refreshments."


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