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Terms & Conditions & Privacy Policy

By booking Anna Saverimuttu Photography for your portrait session, you agree to be bound by the Terms & Conditions set out below.


All portrait sessions must be paid for in full before your session date can be booked.  Your actual session reservation will be confirmed once payment has been received.

Work will only commence on your order once payment has been received at your viewing and ordering appointment.  Please note that client images will not be kept indefinitely by the photographer.

Anna Saverimuttu Photography currently accepts payment by either cheque or bank transfer.

Your Order

As all products are individually made, refunds are only available if your prints, frames or other goods are damaged in any way or if the wrong product has been sent to you. Once I have placed your order, it cannot be amended or cancelled. If anything you receive is damaged or is not what you ordered, then please notify Anna Saverimuttu Photography within 2 days of receipt.

Gift Vouchers

Gift vouchers will carry an expiry date, and must be used within the stated time.  If your voucher has expired and you still wish to use it, please contact Anna Saverimuttu Photography directly. As costs relating to products, venue hire and the booking of makeup artists will occasionally change, you may still be able to use the voucher subject to an additional charge to cover these changes.

Professional Photography and Copyright Law

Professional photographs are protected by the Copyright, Designs & Patents Act 1988.

Anna Saverimuttu Photography therefore respectfully requests that images are not copied either for the purposes of downloading or reprinting. As well as being illegal, any resulting copies will not reflect the quality of the originals, which have been professionally printed; this could damage the photographer’s reputation for producing the highest standard of work.

Photographer's Portfolio

To promote the work of Anna Saverimuttu Photography and create new publicity material, it is essential that I maintain a portfolio of recent work to show to both existing and prospective clients, and a selection of your images may be chosen to appear on my website and in my promotional literature or any relevant advertising I undertake. Whilst I always seek permission from my clients in the first instance, please understand that being able to showcase my most recent work to prospective clients is essential to ensure the growth of my business. Photographs will only be used in the context of promoting the work of Anna Saverimuttu Photography. Client details are never shared with third parties, and client confidentiality is respected at all times.

Auction & Raffle Prizes

Anna Saverimuttu Photography occasionally donates a gift of a portrait experience to various organisations for auctions, raffle prizes etc.  All prizes donated for such events are as stated, and no cash equivalent is offered. Prizes must be taken as a whole and not as individual components if offered in conjunction with the services of other providers such as makeup artists and stylists.  Further images may be purchased from Anna Saverimuttu Photography. Experiences need to be booked by the expiry date as stated. Any images taken as part of the prize may be used by Anna Saverimuttu Photography and the other service providers for the purposes of promotion and advertising in relevant publications, retail outlets etc. By accepting the prize, you agree to these Terms & Conditions.

Privacy Policy

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