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The Experience

How it Works & What to Expect

I want all my clients to have a fantastic and memorable experience with me, culminating in a set of incredible images that they can look back on with pride and joy. Whether you want to update your business headshots, have a glamorous portrait session in your favourite dress, or fancy booking a boudoir session for yourself, read on to find out more about what's involved from the moment you make your enquiry. 

The Pre-Session Consultation

It's very important to me that I speak to my clients beforehand so I can design their session and photograph them in the style that they want.  We can talk on the phone, by Skype or meet up for a coffee.  We'll discuss the outfits you'd like to wear, the makeup style you're happy with and the photos you would like to own.  

"I had such a fabulous time on the day - oxytocin supercharge. You were all so amazing - a pampering day with a difference, having my makeup and hair done beautifully, and dare I say it, I really enjoyed standing in front of the camera. It was brilliant! Awesome feelgood factor experience with experts who really know their stuff in making you feel a million dollars, and photos to relive the experience again and again."


Hair & Makeup

I work with a number of highly experienced hair and makeup artists, and as you relax with a tea or coffee at one of our lovely locations in Guildford, they will expertly enhance your features in readiness for your photographs. Hair and makeup takes about 1 1/2 hours: this is a wonderful pampering experience and is a chance for you to unwind and escape from your day-to-day routine; it will also ensure that you're feeling much more camera-confident. Ready to take the next step? 



Your Big Moment

Whichever type of session you choose, you will be gently and expertly guided through a sequence of poses that will show you at your very best. There's no need to worry about not knowing how to stand or sit or whether to smile or not; it's my job to make sure that you feel comfortable in front of the camera, and I will direct you at every stage so that you never feel at a loss as to what's expected.

The portrait session itself lasts about 1 1/2 to 2 hours, during which time you will have the opportunity to change into your different outfits.

Your Viewing & Ordering Appointment

After your session we'll fix up a date for your viewing and ordering appointment, which is usually 10 - 14 working days later. In the meantime, your images will have been edited and beautifully processed and expertly retouched by hand.  When you next come in you'll be able to see all your images and buy those of your choice (there's no hard sell, you buy only what you want.) You can choose from handmade folio boxes, albums or frames for the wall, and you'll receive a digital copy of every image you choose.