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What Will You Learn?

3 Simple Steps to Discovering How to Use Your Camera Properly.

Both my group photography workshops and my 1-1 or 1-2 sessions follow a clear, easy-to-understand format:

Part 1 - How Your Camera Works. Using illustrations and photos, we'll explore all the key controls on your camera and what they're used for. I'll work with each individual to help you with your particular camera. You'll discover:

  • How to effectively capture both still and moving subjects and ensure that they're sharp.
  • The essential techniques for taking photographs under different and challenging lighting conditions.
  • How to create beautiful blurred backgrounds.
  • The different ways of photographing action.
  • The different techniques needed for handling close-ups, landscapes and portraits.
  • How to achieve the correct exposure.


Part 2 - Practical Session. Once you've mastered the above, we'll have a practical session which will help to reinforce everything that you've learned so far. You'll use the different settings on your cameras and will have a chance to take photos in a variety of modes. There'll be plenty of time to ask questions and I'll be on hand to help if anyone gets stuck.

"Anna had a way of explaining the features of my camera and photography concepts better than any book that I have read. I feel comfortable that I can now elevate my pictures to the next level. Thank you, Anna."

Part 3 - Composition & Design. We'll explore the creative tools that you can use to achieve maximum impact with your photography and avoid just pointing and shooting. This is all about raising the standard of your work and creating more than just a snapshot. Amongst the topics we'll cover are:

  • The properties of light.
  • Working with natural light and using it as a creative tool.
  • The importance of matching the light to your subject matter.
  • What lenses to use for different subjects.
  • Framing and positioning your subject.
  • Distance, viewpoint and angles.